How big is the UK Web Design Industry?

By Luke Angelo

Web Design In The UK

In this blog we are going to take a quick look at the Web Design market in the UK, and the current state of the industry. We will explain how big the industry is, and the potential for its future growth. There are approximately 12.1 million websites based in the UK, and a large number were built by professional web design companies like ourselves.

A little bit about us

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What is the UK Web Design industry worth?

UK web design has an estimated market size of £563 Million with almost 2000 web design companies operating across the nation. The average growth of the industry was estimated to be around 4% between the years of 2015 and 2020. This demonstrates the continued development of the industry, and it’s ability to evolve with changes in technology. Increased internet access has played a part in this growth. With 4G Networks being widely available, people are just a thumb-swipe away from accessing your website. This means web design is more important than ever – a website can engage your customers even when they’re out and about.

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Who are the biggest web design company in the UK?

Little data exists on who the biggest company in the UK are. The largest companies in terms of revenue are based in London.

Surprisingly the industry has no companies with a market share above 5%! This means the market is far from a monopoly, and the wealthy is distributed quite evenly. This is a stark contrast to markets such as social media, where Facebook own a 52% market share in the UK, dominating the industry.

I believe having a more equal market is a great thing for web designers in the UK, it means you have more opportunities to shine and you won’t have to compete with giant corporations. It is such a creative industry with a range of different skillsets. There is a big difference between a back-end coder and a front-end designer, and both of them can succeed in the industry. There is no ‘best web designer’ in the country, everyone has their own quirks which make their sites stand out.

What is the impact of coronavirus on the industry?

Revenue has dipped by an estimated 2.5% throughout 2020-2021. This is undoubtedly a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the huge financial burden it has placed on businesses. Web design has fared well compared to other industries though, and it has shown great resilience. The UK pub market was estimated to have declined by 60% in 2020, there have been heartbreaking losses for many pub owners. I sympathize with all small business owners who have been affected by the pandemic, and I hope for an economic boom once this is behind us!

As businesses are forced to operate online, this has created demand for new websites. I have seen increased demand for food delivery websites, online reservations (click and collect), and many people are wanting ecommerce sites. Entrepreneurs can still sell nationally through a website, harnessing the power of software like WordPress & WooCommerce to run online stores.

What does the future hold for the industry?

Online shopping accounted for 33% of retail sales at its peak in 2020, according to the Office For National Statistics. This is a silver lining for web developers, because it demonstrates how important a website still is – even as the world changes. Websites are vital for reaching a wide target market, and I believe demand for quality web design will continue to grow.

There are almost 1.6 Billion Websites worldwide, and the web shows no sign of stopping. Web Design continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, with new jobs being created. I have witnessed huge demand for skilled web developers, and companies are willing to spend big on the right talent. I hope 2021 will be a strong year for the industry, and we can enjoy continued success.