283% Return On Ad Spend – Modern Language School

283% Return On Ad Spend – Modern Language School


Return On Ad Spend

Over 1K

Visitors From Paid Ads


Increase In Online Sales

Google Search Ads – Campaign Brief

Based in Honley, the Modern Language School provides affordable language learning to all adults in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Founded in 2011, the school now offers six different languages, and has a total of seven language teachers.

The client requested a Google Ads campaign, in anticipation of the new school year in September. The ads campaign needed to run from July till September, and bring in a high volume of new student enrolments. Ad campaigns had been run by the client in previous years, so we analysed the data from past performance.

Our Solution

To begin with, we put together a full campaign strategy. There are six different languages on offer at the school, so a separate Google Ads campaign was created for each. We conducted thorough Keyword Research, and identified some new keywords to target  for each language. In addition, we looked at which keywords performed best in previous years. A finalised list of keywords was created for each language.

Next, we put together effective copy for each of the 6 search ads. We thought carefully about the different headlines and ad text, and created text which would entice people to click. The ad text was designed to highlight the client’s key selling points, and highlight the fact that new courses are starting in September. The ads needed to target new students (not existing ones), so we adjusted the text accordingly.

Finally, we setup each campaign within Google Ads. The ad campaigns needed to be location specific, because the majority of the classes are taught in the school itself (not remotely). Students need to be within a commutable distance of the school, so we ensured that accurate location targeting was setup on the campaigns. We took advantage of Google’s dynamic search ads, which let you choose multiple headlines and descriptions. Google’s algorithm then finds which text performs best.

Once all of our setup work was done, we launched the ad campaigns. The performance of the campaigns was closely monitored, and small adjustments were made throughout the course of the ad campaigns. Conversion tracking was setup on the client’s website, to ensure we could calculate an accurate return on ad spend, and the exact number of new student enrolments from paid search.

The Results

The Google Ads campaign was a great success, and we generated the following results:

– 283% Return On Ad Spend

– Over 1,000 unique visitors from Google Ads

– A 14% increase in online sales

– A high volume of new student enrolments, across the 6 different languages

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