PD Detectives

PD Detectives

Website Brief

PD Detectives are a team of Private Investigators in London. They offer a range of investigative services, for private and corporate clients.

The client required a professional website, to showcase their services and attract new customers.

Launched February 2024

Services Delivered

WordPress Website

Brochure Website

Bespoke Design

Our Solution

First of all, we decided upon the sitemap of the website and gathered all of the written content. We then created a clean and professional design, which fit with the client’s branding. Shades of blue were used, which has connotations of stability, trustworthiness and reliability. All essence pillars of the client’s business.

We sourced high quality stock photography of London, along with some stock footage. This helps create familiarity with Londoners who visit the website, and emphasises they are a London based business. The site also makes effective use of icons, to help bring the written content to life. We avoided having large “walls” of text. Instead, the content is spaced out so it flows better, and the user’s attention can be drawn to key elements.

Do you need a website for your Private Investigation business? We would be happy to help! Please give us a call on 01484 941 075 to find out more, and request a quote.

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