Website Brief

boxchange are a recruitment company based in Manchester. They are specialist Senior Management & Executive global search partners, and they source top talent in the UK and GCC countries.

The client had an existing website built by us, which required a revamp for a new marketing campaign. They needed a landing page which appeals to business owners in the GCC region.

Launched April 2023

Services Delivered

WordPress Website

Brochure Website

Bespoke Design

Our Solution

First of all, an initial workshop session was conducted with the client. We discussed their main goals for the website re-design, and their upcoming marketing campaign. We reviewed the design of the current site, along with its written content. A plan of action was put together for the re-design, with key objectives.

We decided to create a full screen video, which automatically plays when the user first lands on the page. Stock footage was sourced of capital cities in the GCC countries, including Dubai, Riyadh and Doha. We edited the stock footage and added animated text throughout the video. The text is bold and gets across the main selling points of boxchange, and what makes them different from traditional recruitment companies.

boxchange have their own custom software solution for their clients – boxchange360. It allows business owners to login to a portal, and instantly view all of their candidate information. It was important the new website highlighted the benefits of their software. We created an infograph and used icons to outline the key selling points of boxchange360.

The client also wanted to ensure the website represents the global reach of their company. We wrote new copy for the landing page which shows boxchange as a more global organisation. A custom map was designed, which shows countries covered by boxchange, the GCC region is highlighted on the map. Furthermore, a translation plugin was installed and added to the header of the website. This allows users to instantly translate the site to Arabic, which is very useful for visitors from the GCC countries.

The new landing page really shows off the boxchange brand and what makes it different. Our favourite part is the video, which gets across their key messaging in an engaging format. Are you looking for a website for your recruitment business? Contact us today for a quote!

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