Natures Army

Natures Army

Website Brief

Natures Army are a domestic cleaning company based in Sydney, Australia. They provide chemical-free cleaning services, which help protect people from the dangers of commercial cleaning products. They also sell their own range of organic cleaning products, made from locally sourced ingredients.

The client had an existing WordPress website, which had become outdated and needed a refresh. They also required Ecommerce functionality on their new website, and a page for customers to purchase gift vouchers for family and friends.

Launched April 2023

Services Delivered

WordPress Website

Ecommerce Website

Bespoke Design

Our Solution

During our initial workshop session, we identified the client’s vision for the site. To start with, we looked at the existing website and what aspects could be improved upon. We also looked at inspiration websites, and discussed design ideas. This enabled us to create a clear design brief, and get started on a fresh new look for the website.

With the new website, we changed the header to simplify it and make it easy to navigate. The number of menu items were reduced and we added dropdowns for sub-pages. This made the header a lot neater. We also added a clear call to action for “Call Us” within the header, to encourage people to enquire by telephone.

The client completed some new photography, featuring their staff and branded vehicles. This was integrated into the new website, giving it a much more personalised feel. Existing brand guidelines and colours were adhered to in the new design, to keep a strong brand identity.

The website features an Ecommerce shop, where people can purchase natural cleaning products. There is also a custom-built “Gift Voucher” page. This allows people to purchase a cleaning gift voucher for family and friends. The gift vouchers are fully customizable, and the user can choose what cleaning service they want to gift.

The client was delighted with the end-product, because the new site really shows off their company and what makes it different from traditional cleaning companies. The site uses quirky colours and photography, to re-enforce the “Nature” theme. It stands out from generic cleaning websites, and we loved creating a design that is truly unqiue.

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